Links Focus is synonymous with outstanding pool chemicals for the Australian climate. From a product of the imagination to the end result, Focus takes quality and efficiency to the next level. Any pool problem can find its solution within the Focus range of innovative products. This is further enhanced by the constant involvement of the Focus R&D team and their inquisitive approach. Can it be better? If so, how? When? Where? This means that every time you use a Focus chemical in your customers’ pool, you do so with confidence. Focus unique formulas are tried, tested and proven to work! Dolphin Pacific is a wholly New Zealand owned and operated swimming pool equipment and swimming pool chemical wholesaler, located in Auckland. We distribute our products through a range of pool shops and pool builders located throughout New Zealand.

Our range of pool chemicals from Focus in Australia encompasses everything from Chlorine to Algaecides, Balancing Chemicals, and spa and specialist products. 

Focus, an Australian owned company, brings an industry leading range of solutions for the pool and spa market. The Sauna People: have been in business for many years. We are one of the original suppliers and manufacturers of Saunas in New Zealand, and we are considered THE source for Saunas in New Zealand..

We are so confident in our pool design, construction and installation that we give a lifetime guarantee on all our pools.

Freedom Pools design construction are formulated to be easier to clean with smooth rounded edges, no awkward ledges where dirt and grime can easily gather, and auto pool cleaners find impossible to clean.

Trueform Products manufactures a wide range of deluxe family spa pools. Features include:

  • 100 percent New Zealand made.
  • Fibreglass reinforced acrylic and high density foam-insulated shells.
  • Western redwood cedar surrounds.
  • New Zealand manufactured pumps and heaters have a two-year warranty.
  • Spa shells have a five-year warranty.
  • Digital touchpad controls make for ease of operation.
  • Over 30 years experience in spa pool manufacture, both for local and export markets.


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